Helium/Lunar Update - Cycle 12

Where we are at

The code merge of the core systems in Lunar and Helium is complete, it all lives under the same roof now.  Along the way we removed some duplicate functionality in the cases where sharing would be trivial.  Any system that led us into a sticky situation we saved for later discussion, the first of these being our serialization system.  Mostly this cycle we learned that our serialization systems are too diverse to simply merge into one, so we decided to merge the parts of it that are similar, and move on for now, at the very least letting us continue to work towards environment construction even if the serialization solution is not perfect.

What was completed this cycle

  • The “core code” merger between Lunar and Helium is complete.  By in large this was a move operation, but there was also some duplicate functionality code removed where possible.
  • Some of the similar systems related to Serialization were merged into one across Helium/Lunar most notably our different pointer types (smart ptr, strong ptr, weak ptr).
  • There was another pass on the project view, implementing a couple new features such as adding a visual representation of which scene is currently being edited, and double-clicking to load scenes.
  • The code was reorganized to better support our use of closed-source middleware.
  • Saving and loading of scenes and project files should be fully working as of now.

What’s next

‘What’s next’ is actually a fairly difficult question to answer right now.  We need to continue with the tasks surrounding serialization, but just enough to get to a point where we can start thinking about the object model and how we would like to organize our scene data… These are the main things that need to get ironed out for our level construction goal specifically.  The rest we will push off until later, when those features are more relevant.

Hopefully during Cycle 13 we can get serialization to a good point and begin considering our object model.

Demo time

Nothing new to show this week.

As usual, please let me know if you have any questions/comments.  Thanks.


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