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Project Update

Things have been pretty quiet for a while on this blog.  Much of the team has moved onto other jobs (myself included), but there is a handful of people (myself included) that are continuing with Helium. Progress is being made to integrate Lunar Engine and Helium Tools code.  You can hardly find references to Lunar [...]

Helium/Lunar Update - Cycle 14/15

Where we are at Getting back into the groove after the break.  One of the last things we did before we left was design a system for keeping reflection information for our data in memory, even at runtime, which gives us a large boost to flexibility… the difficult part about this being that the runtime [...]

Official Google Group and IRC Channel created!

We now have our official contact channels up and running! To simply email the staff, send an email to: info at If you’d like to join our mailing list / Google Group, please click here. And finally, if you would like to chat with us, point your IRC client at #helium, or to [...]


Helium aims to be an open source game engine toolkit to help provide foundation technology and GUI tools for building game engines (not games per se). This project was seeded with code from Nocturnal Initiative, an open source project at Insomniac Games. Its continued development is generously funded by Whitemoon Dreams, Inc.