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Helium Update - Cycle 17

Where we are at Currently we are making a big push to get the new renderer integrated into the editor application and remove the current temporary renderer.  Naturally this is requiring some rework of the internals of the editor, as well as some new debug draw features in the renderer side, all of which is [...]

Helium Update - Cycle 16

Where we are at We are now definitely hitting our stride with the unification process.  The pieces are starting to click into place and we are making good progress.  It looks like we are on track to begin unifying our object model (the data that backs each in-game object) between the tools and engine next [...]

Helium/Lunar Update - Cycle 13

Where we are at This was somewhat of a short cycle… we lost about a week of time to the holidays and what not, but that being said, we did get a few things squared away.  Some progress was made on the unification stuff, we have an actual design in mind of the system that [...]

Helium/Lunar Update - Cycle 12

Where we are at The code merge of the core systems in Lunar and Helium is complete, it all lives under the same roof now.  Along the way we removed some duplicate functionality in the cases where sharing would be trivial.  Any system that led us into a sticky situation we saved for later discussion, [...]