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The Olympic Games is an international multi-sport event. , As the Olympic momentum has grown so has the profile and complexity of the Games. , Participation in the Games has reached the point where nearly every nation is represented. ,

Each Olympics appears to bring with it an increased number of events designed specifically to match an ever growing diverse number of sports. ,

With this growing number of sports come an increasing number of athletes determined to compete at the highest level possible. For example did you know that the current games in Beijing comprises of 302 events in 28 sports.

Traditionally reading about your star sign is supposed to help you in the business world, friendships, dating and life in general.

However, what if your star sign could determine for than just this?

What if your star sign could reveal your success at an Olympic Games? Or more specifically a particular Olympic event?

Recent research carried out by Kenneth Mitchell has produced shocking results that reveal that the month you are born in determine your success at the Olympic Games. The term used to describe this is the Pisces Effect.

The Pisces Effect

After examining the number of athletes who have received Olympic medals (gold, silver or bronze) since modern Olympics began in 1896 Kenneth found that a large number of swimming medals received by people born in the month of Pisces (February 19 - March 20).

Wait a minute, Pisces is the Latin name for fish and here is research showing that Pisces medallists receive about 30% more medals than expected by chance. Was this just luck or could there really be a Pisces Effect?

What to do next...

Test The Pisces Effect

The answer was obvious. There is another Olympic discipline called Water Polo that is so closely linked to swimming that there are several Olympians who have won one or more medals in both disciplines. If there really was a "Pisces effect", then this would be the test...

Yes, Pisces was again the sign with the highest number of medals.

How could this be? What was so special about these two Olympic disciplines and Pisces?

Or were there other disciplines that Pisces was also associated with?

If Pisces was related to any others then they would most likely be aquatic in some way too. So on testing all Rowing, Sailing and Canoeing sports it was no great surprise to again find a significant positive association of these sports,

We now know about Pisces and what sports have caused its higher than expected number of medals but what about the other signs? It was time to find out...

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