Helium DevCon Spring 2013

Its my pleasure to announce Helium DevCon Spring 2013!  It will take place May 4th and 5th in downtown Los Angeles.  Whitemoon Dreams has graciously offered up some office space for us to work!  So far we have 4 attendees signed up (@gorlak, @aclysma, @andybrk, @okready), but if you are going to be in the LA area and want to join us then come visit our Google Group and let us know you want to come!

I am keen to get more blog updates going as there is work happening on Helium (albeit very slowly).  I hope to get at least one post per attendee with an update about what got accomplished.

Areas of potential focus:

  • Asset system improvements (source assets in JSON, disc/network assets in MessagePack)
  • OpenGL render interface
  • Coding on our prototype game (a Geometry Wars clone)
  • Integration of the Editor with the Asset system
  • Network object sync using C++ Reflection